Jim Hendricks possesses the ability to perform in a wide spectrum of explosive musical styles. He is a gifted and tirelessly trained technician who plays with speed and accuracy that could be mistaken as computer-generated!

Otis Skillings

It was so exciting to hear Jim Hendricks’ music and testimony. He is not just a passionate and talented pianist, but also a humble servant of God.

Peter Barbarics, Director of Communications, Baptist Education Center of Hungary

Jim Hendricks is the most outstanding pianist I have ever heard. He communicates the Christian message with originality and depth, bringing the Christian message to life in extraordinary ways.

Rev. Dr. Kirk Reed

Jim Hendricks has presented a concert at our church every three years for over 20 years, and each time he fills us with wonder. His musical interpretation of beloved spiritual songs is clearly divinely inspired, and he graciously and faithfully gives that credit to God at every performance. His devotion to his craft and mastery of so many styles of music is amazing!

Bev Rauch, United Methodist Church Music Director

Jim Hendricks’ musical talent at the piano is extraordinary! His witness and love for Christ brought the presence of the Lord into our sanctuary. His program was truly wonderful, and I wish everyone everywhere could hear him!

Ruby Zieg, Church Conference Delegate

Talent, craft, spirit and Spirit…much appreciated by our multi-generational congregation.

Rev. Joseph O. McCarthey

Jim Hendricks’ programs are a superb blend of outstanding musical talent and spiritual truths. Definitely a must see!

Pastor Nel Holmes

Jim Hendricks shares the love of God in Christ in a personal, humble, talented, joyful, and powerful way.

Pastor Bruce Jones

Jim Hendricks offers top quality programs of Christian music in innovative and inspirational arrangements. He performs from the heart with musicality and Christian fervor.

Jennifer Schreuder, Music Director

The members of our church were WOWED by the music and testimony of Jim Hendricks. Many lives were touched through his music, and all those present were blessed!

Rev. C.J. Willis

Our congregation was deeply touched by Jim Hendricks’ music. His level of talent is indeed rare. We would not hesitate to recommend him to any church.

Pastor Ray Norris

Jim Hendricks gave us spectacular music with a genuine testimony of his living faith in Christ.

Pastor Larry Swaisgood